What is Blog? Who is Blogger? How to do Blogging?

Nowadays all the three terms in the title Blog, Blogger and Blogging have gotten popularized. Common internet users are found just curious of Blog and Blogger but are hardly interested to understand these terms. Again, common people have frightful misconception about Blogger. This tutorial will reveal all vagueness and darkness about Blog, Blogger and Blogging to all.

However every online personality engaged in website related activities- either admin or user or manager- should be knowledgeable of these terms to transparent their web-based knowledge. This is the instant requirement for those who are going to or thinking to start a blog for one reason or other.

So, let’s explore deep into this blogging sea.

What is BLOG?

Blog which was originally known as ‘Weblog’ started its journey in 1994 when Justin Hall, a Swarthmore College student, created his first blog Links.net. But present Blogging idea didn’t develop then. Justin referred to it as his personal homepage.

Now question: What is Blog?

After the end of the day, what we’re going to reap out of this question is:

Blog is a type of Website. [see, What is Website] Then what kind of website is Blog? – this is a timely question. To chase the answer to this question, let us look into the facts by turns.

Blog Blogger Blogging focus

Data transmission, in form of webpage, started after invention of World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989. Since then about 1.5 billion websites came into being in the unlimited possibilities of Webosphere. But all these websites are not of same kinds. Various types of websites evolved to meet the historic necessity or to face the challenges of technological age. Some of these kinds of websites are listed below with their leading examples–

  • Searching Website/webpage: Google, Yahoo
  • Image sharing: Photobucket, Flickr
  • Video sharing: Youtube, Vimeo
  • Audio sharing: Soundcloud, Jukebox
  • Social communication: Facebook, twitter
  • E-commerce communication: Amazon, Ebay
  • Bulk Email Transfer: Mailchimp, Aweber
  • Freelancer mediator : Upwork, Freelancer
  • Web directory: Somuch, Websquash
  • Magazine: New York Times, Readers Digest: and many others.

We see different websites are designed especially to serve a definite function. Then What function does Blog serve? Or, What are the characteristics of Blog site?

Simple answer is: Blog is a website that publishes Articles (Blog Posts) of a definite interest continuously in reverse chronological order (latest content first) aiming to getting readers engagement and response by individual or a group of people. Blog can be compared to Magazine that publishes news periodically for people where newer news is coming everyday and getting updated.

But Blog is more than Magazine. Magazine focuses on news only but blog topics are unlimited. One may blog to publish personal diary as well as to share Philosophical Thoughts.

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Difference between Blog and traditional Site

Blogs have some distinctive common characteristics that separate it from other websites. Some of these features are presented below. But all the features might not go in case of all types of blogs. But they are usually absent in other Websites.

  • Blog is continuous publication process of contents aiming to target readers.
  • Blog contents (articles) need to be updated on regular interval.
  • Purposes of Blogging is regular communication with the target Readers Base for personal, social, recreational or business purposes.
  • Readers can respond to or interact with blog posts by commenting or sharing.
  • Blog articles or posts are organized by Categories or Tags.
  • A typical Blog structure is composed of Header, Menu or Navigation Bar, Footer and Sidebar.
  • Other elements a Blog usually include are Author name and reference, publishing date etc.

On the contrary, A static or dynamic websites other than Blog lacks these elements. Different websites, as I stated above, function differently. They mostly involve static pages that needn’t be updated on regular basis. Though presently we cannot think of a website without dynamic contents and they provide Readers engagement, yet Blogging environment is not present there.

Here is the list of some influential world famous Blogs with their subject-matter-
  • Smitten Kitchen: Recipe blog
  • PopSugar Fitness: Weight loss blog
  • Football Paradise: Football blog
  • MyFitnessPal: Fitness blog
  • Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog
  • CardioBrief: Heart care blog etc.

Anybody interested can start a blog on any subject of his/her expertise, may be out of curiosity or to develop personal faculty of creativity or for business purpose. There are many free and paid platforms to do blogging even without any web language skill required. Some of such blogging platforms are Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr. Weebly, Wix, Medium etc.

Blog as part of Website

In light of above discussion we can state that Blogging is an idea of web transmission culture that evolved alongside history of Internet step by step.

This blogging idea can be greatly helpful to the online companies, Enterprises and business or other organizations. When they want to engage their customers, clients or buyers with updated information, news and policies and train their workers with online resources, they add a Blog with their commercial websites.

You might have noticed that many a business site includes a Blog tab with their Navigation Bar-

Users of this site are aware that This Blog tab provides the latest updates of information and news of that organization.

Don’t get confused. This Blog is a part or section of a established website of any category. This may be called official news blog. But what we’re focusing on in this article is the Blog which is an independent website. However, theoretically both convey the same idea.

Who is Blogger?

Simply Bloggers are those who do Blogging. But this answer is like begging the question.

As per our previous discussion and clarification, we can refer to Blogger more meaningful way-

A Blogger is a person who runs, controls and administers a Blog.

Why? This is very important. An individual cannot run a site causelessly. He/she must have a definite aim.

Now let’s see at a glance why people usually do Blogging-

People usually blog—

  • to keep things of personal interest organized and stored.
  • as a hobby
  • to share idea, knowledge and thoughts to like-minded people non-profit way.
  • to develop personal creativity and skill
  • to educate people voluntarily
  • for just entertainment and fun
  • to acquire name and fame
  • to build own network
  • to just earn living
  • for commercial purpose

and so on.

At this stage, we can identify Blogger more meaningfully-

A Blogger is one who likes to share his idea, thoughts, knowledge, views and skill to a definite section of readers through online website media for either commercial or non-commercial purpose.

However, in reality, Blogging has evolved as one of the most powerful media for social communication as well as to earn living, to take up as honorable profession and even as money-making business. There are numerous Bloggers in this globe who earn million dollar per month by blogging.

Now what are you going to do Blogging for? Choice is yours.

What is Blogging?

Probably, everything has become clear to the curious readers.

In simple word, Blogging is a flow of work of posting, editing, linking, sharing and moderating content through website channel to a targeted section of people to gain a definite objectives.

Blogging is a lifestyle, a career, a profession, a source of income and as well as pleasure.

Over time, Blogging has become an integral part of online culture. Many a man has discovered Blogging as a field of leading a dignified life. But it was not so since its inception.

In the early days, Blogs were used to form public opinion especially by the politicians. Day by day, through the development of blogging tools like Blogger and WordPress, Blogging reaches the mainstream of concentration of the job-seeking people.

After Blogger (a free blogging platform) started in 1999 and WordPress in 2000, Blogging turned easier even for the non-skilled people devoid of knowledge of web language.

So in the current context of the world, Blogging has become the light of hope for the jobless. Thousands of people around the world are taking up blogging- part time or full time– as their career. There are numerous ways of earning through Blogging.

As the probability is unlimited and globalized, so is the competition. So, you cannot expect to become a successful blogger unless you can stand out of the crowd.

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Happy Blogging to all.

Hope you throw your unanswered question by commenting.

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