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From December 6, 2018, with the release of WordPress version 5.0, WordPress started a new type of Post Editor called Gutenberg. It lets users to create and edit their content on the basis of Block. Each Paragraph, Image, Heading, Table, List etc. are divided by Block. You can create as many block as you need and edit each separately more conveniently with so many available options to edit with.

This Block Editor has replaced traditional Classic Editor. Every ungraded version of a system comes with probability of more facility, more easiness and more usability. Same is in the case of Block Editor. It provides such exclusive features and edit-options many of which are unavailable with Classic Editor. So it is a great scope to add more complicated elements with WordPress posts.

Despite all these, Block Editor is in its early stage. No users even advanced WordPressers are acquainted with this. Users have encountered random bugs while using Gutenberg editor. It might take time for the developers to fix the bugs. Many are worried how to continue regular work of Posting and editing. In this situation, it is wise to get back to Classic Editor for the time being.

However, in the newest versions of WordPress, Block Editor is default Post Editor and there is no option in ‘Add New Post‘ page to switch Block Editor to Classic Editor. But they have left a way open to get back to Classic Editor by using a Plugin developed by core WordPress contributors and one can use it until the end of 2021.

Classic Editor from Block Editor focus

Here is how you can install the plugin and set up all to return to Classic Editor.

How to back to Classic Editor from Block Editor in WordPress v 5.0

Simply install and activate the ‘Classic Editor’ plugin from WordPress plugin repository. If you’re new and need help to install plugin every possible way, follow the link below-

However, for now, just follow-

  • From WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins→ Add New.
  • On Search Box right, write ‘Classic Editor

In the search result, the first one is your plugin (as shown in screenshot below).

Back to Classic Editor From Block Editor in WordPress focus
  • Now click ‘Install Now‘ on upper-right.
  • Now click Activate.

You’ll see this plugin activated in Plugins list. Once activated, Gutenberg Editor will automatically be disabled.

Here is more thing to do-

  • Now go to Setting→ Writing.

Here you’ll see option to select Editor (as shown in screenshot below).

Back to Classic Editor From Block Editor in WordPress focus
  • Select Classic Editor and click Save Changes below. If you like to use both Classic and Block Editor, select both and click Save.

You’re done. Now you can edit post by using Classic Editor too.

Last of all, we recommend that you get accustomed to Gutenberg Editor day by day as it is the future Post Editor of WordPress.

Hope this solved your problem. Comment, please!

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