How to publish WordPress post with Password

There must have situation when you need to publish WordPress post putting it under your control. In other word, you intend that nobody see the post without your permission.

In this case, you can protect the post with password before you publish it so that only those who can collect password from you can reach that post.

Before publishing, you can set password for a post from the Visibility option on right panel of the editor’s screen. Both the Classic and Block Editor come with the content Visibility feature that enable you to fix separate password for any post.

However, if you’re not sure of how to publish WordPress post by customizing the related options, follow this guide-

Contextually if you’re still using the old Classic editor and cannot find a way out for getting accustomed to Gutenberg or Block Editor, follow our comprehensive guides on Block Editor and how to confidently use it.

However, in this tutorial, we’re representing the process of how to publish a post by protecting with password in the context of Block Editor only. Hope this will cover up the similar process in the Classic Editor too.

Publishing options

On both the editor, publishing features are on the right panel. In Gutenberg Editor, click Setting icon (if it is not already selected) on top-right of the Editor’s screen and you get two links- Block and Post/Document. Click Post/Document, and you find the Visibility option under Status and Visibility.

C-panel File Manager

By default visibility is ‘public‘ which is displayed next to Visibility. If you simply publish a post, it will be publicly-visible. If you like to change, click the text ‘public‘ and you get the three options- Public, private and Password Protected with public selected.

From here, do the following to set a Password

  • Select Password protected. A text field for password will appear.
  • Input your desired password in this field.
  • Now click outside the post visibility window. Now you see the texts ‘Password protected‘ next to Visibility in place of public.

Now if you publish this post, it will be protected by your defined password.

Hope you could get clarified with the presentation on how to publish WordPress post with password.