How to use Pixel Ruler to measure Length in Pixel

There are many dimension-measuring tools out there. These tools are very essential for the web designers and developers or for those who are especially engaged in image editing. Among these tools, I’m going to share Pixel Ruler, a standard tool to measure height, width and any length in Pixel.

PIXEL (px) is a standard unit to measure length though we use Centimeter (cm), or Inch. However to define length in CSS, we usually use Pixel. There are other scales to measure in cm or inch. But in this tutorial, we’re going to share Pixel Ruler as in web designing, px is a frequently-used measuring unit.

Download Pixel Ruler free

Pixel Ruler, a standard screen ruler is a product by Michael Rosenbaum. You can download free version from website. Download link here. Free version is allowed only for private use. If you want to use it commercially, you can purchase license only at 5.00€. Also there is trial period option for pro version.

After download, click pixelruler.exe file and follow installation process. It is very easy. on Installation, click PixelRuler icon, you will see this screen ruler in three color- green, blue and orange.


How to use Pixel Ruler

Using Pixel Ruler is easy. Press left mouse button on the scale and drag it to the position you like to measure. Place 0 line on scale (left) on the starting point of length and place mouse-pointer on scale on ending point of the length. The reading that shows in white on scale is the measured length in pixel.

The usual position of the ruler is horizontal. If you want to measure vertically, click the curved arrow on left of the scale, it will take position vertically and vice versa.

There is a menu option you can find clicking the down-arrow button on left of the scale. On clicking, a drop-down menu will appear that show:

  • Blue rulers
  • Green rulers
  • Orange rulers
  • Pixel Ruler online
  • Mioplanet website
  • Quit

You can easily change ruler-color and close the scale by using this menu.

Hope you enjoyed!

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