How to schedule WordPress post to be published next time

If you’re a WordPress blogger, scheduling WordPress post to be published on future date is an important feature for you.

But many a WordPress users isn’t aware that there is an excellent option to create publishing schedule for WordPress post.

Now question: Why is scheduling a post an important fact?

Simply you can schedule any of your posts that are prepared in advance. This way you can avoid missing-out publishing a post on your future intended date.

Other fact is that if you’re SEO conscious and maintain an SEO strategy, you know publishing a post at a regular interval is an SEO friendly practice. In this case, to ensure regularity of your posting, you can put a number of posts on schedule in advance.

Whether you use Classic or Block Editor, the process is almost the same. However we’re going to represent of scheduling WordPress post in the context of Block Editor.

Contextually scheduling post is the part Post Publishing. If you’re still uncertain of how to publish WordPress post, follow this link.

Scheduling feature

You find the posting options both in Block and and Classic editor in the right panel of the Editor’s screen.

In Block editor, click Setting icon (if it is not already selected). You find two links- Post/Document and Block. Select Post/Document from here and head over to Publish options under Status and Visibility

By default, Publish option is followed by publish ‘Immediately‘. This means if you simply publish a post, it will be published immediately.

But if you like to change the Publishing criteria, click on the text ‘Immediately‘. A window asking you to set the scheduling-date will appear as shown below-

Scheduling WordPress post

From this window, fix a future date by changing the value of day, month, year and time. On completion, click outside this date-fixation window.

You see your fixed date is shown next to Publish option in the place of ‘Immediately‘ and the Publish button on top-right of the Editor’s screen has changed to Schedule.

Now to schedule the post for your defined date, click the Schedule button above and you’re done.

Your scheduled post will be published following the intended date and time.

Hope you got an undoubted conception of how to schedule a WordPress post.