Embed Google Drive pdf in your site, Save Valuable disc space

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a read-only document. It is the easier way to handle and share any document keeping all its formatting and layout intact and letting not others edit instantly. Important and valuable data and document are saved and share as PDF as a protective measure. PDF file is saved with .pdf extension.

However, All these are common statements that any computer conscious people know. Here we’re going to focus on Embedding pdf file in WordPress site as well as any webpage.

Tricks to Embed Google Drive pdf in website

User, Session and Pageviews

You can add a pdf file in your webpage to serve three different purposes

Only for Download

Suppose you want to make an application form available or clients in order that they can only download it without reading or checking it out. How to create such pdf link. Our following tutorial is the best solution. Try it-

For checking out (reading) and Download

In this case, when user clicks the link, pdf file will open in a new tab of the Browser just as it opens during offline. Then user can check-out or read and finally can Download clicking Download link on Upper-right.

Publishing like regular post for reading

This is the situation what we’re going to talk about. No linking no download, You’ll Embed a pdf link in your page, This page will be displayed on site as usually as regular posts do.

Why should you embed Post in pdf format. Simple answer is-

  • This trick will protect your posts from instant copy-pasting by content snatcher.
  • It will give all the advantages of PDF file
  • By Hosting pdf file outside your Web Server, you can save Disc Space of own Web Server.

In order to Embed in website, you can store such pdf file in any Cloud Storage Service (certainly must be free) that gives you advantage of generating Embed Code. I think the best place to do it is Google Drive.

If you’ve a Google account (I guess you have one), you can enter and use Google Drive to store or backup any media file like image, video, audio, text, animation and so on. You can also share them with different media. Google provides you 15 GB free space altogether to use in all Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google photos, Google Contact etc.

How to embed Google Drive PDF

To do this, do the followings-

  • Log-in Google Drive by log-in credentials of your Google Account.
  • In Home page, from left panel, click My Drive (It is by default selected). You’ll see all of your files and folders on right.
  • If you’ve not uploaded your desired file yet to embed, click + New button from Upper-left corner. And from Dropdown, click File upload.
  • In this way, upload your targeted PFD file from computer’s HDD.
  • When uploaded, click the file name, or icon or thumbnail.
  • You’ll see a new screen displaying your pdf.
  • Now click More option (three dots) on Upper-right
  • From menu list, click Open in new window.
  • From changed window, click Three-dot menu again. And from menu list, click Embed item. You’ll meet a pop-up that has already generated Embed Link of your pdf (see screenshot).
User, Session and Pageviews

Now copy the code and go back to your site to embed it.

You needn’t modify it or take help of third-party app. Just paste the code direct within html <body>..</body> tag of your post. WordPress users, just add a Custom HTML block in your Post Editor and paste the code. You’re done.

Now check Preview. You’ll see your pdf displayed in your page in an Iframe. Learn more of Iframe here-

If the iframe size doesn’t fit your page, just change the value of width and height from the code script at your desired level.

Hope you could capture the process of how Google Drive PDF could be embedded in any website. If you tried practically for your blog or site, let me know on comment whether you’re gainer or failure. Contextually any question regarding this article is welcomed! Happy blogging! Happy site building!

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