Domain Registration : An Inquiry Into Who register my Domain

Who register my domain‘— may be a long-cherished question in the field of Domain Registration uttered by a person who is seeking an own domain for his/her blog or site. Or, this is a common question buzzing in the mind of site owners who are already using their own purchased domains but are always confused of Domain Registration Authority and find it complicated to practically deal with Domain Name system (DNS), DNS Record, Name Server, ICANN, WHOIS, IANA, Domain Name Registry and NIC.

If you’re the one with the question and the terms wriggling in your head to reach a settling answer, you’re in the right place. Here is the dazzling clarification of all the complication.

Top of all, you need to reserve in you an intimate understanding of what Domain Name is to start walking through every line of this article. If you don’t know or know a lot but are not quite sure of Domain Name, follow the link of our previous post regarding the same—

Yet for the sake of completeness of current tutorial, we can simply say about Domain Name that—

  • In the limitless probabilities of number of device in Internet, every device has a unique IP Address by which it is identified.
  • But IP Address, a string of number, looking like or 2001:0db8:85a3:00fa:0000:8a2e:0370:7334. is not easily usable or memorizable
  • So to identify IP Address, a user-friendly, easily understandable and memorizable name system has been introduced looking like or
  • This is called Domain name.
  • Functionally, and www. are the same.

You might want to check out the following article on IP Address in course of your study for better understanding—

Now let’s start exploring deep into Domain Registration Sea to detect all mysteries through our Question-Answer model.

Why Domain Registration?

QUESTION: I simply know I need a domain name for my site. But what are the specific reasons for registering a domain?
ANSWER: You need to go through Domain Registration process or you have to register a domain name because you require to reserve a HOSTNAME for your site. This Domain Name, say, refers to an IP Address.

Which IP Address? The IP Address of the Server (computer) in which your site or site’s files are stored to show as the resources of World Wide Web. Technically, for this, you’ll have to connect your Domain Name with your Hosting Server. After registration completes, Nobody else can use your Domain Name. That is yours.

QUESTION: Do I own the registered Domain permanently? Or do I belong to this forever?
ANSWER: Exactly not. Roughly speaking, you own this domain for how long (one year, two years…) you got your domain registered. If you don’t extend time by renewing before expiry, you cannot claim that the domain is yours. So, if your domain is valuable for you, it is reasonable that you renew that long before date of expiration before someone else grasps it or you’ll renew it for more time length, say, five years or ten years, to avoid hassle.

To sum up, registering a domain does not confer the legal ownership on you.

Domain Registration Authority

QUESTION: I can register domain from a domain provider in my country or Internationally renowned domain vendor like Namecheap. Aren’t they Domain Registration Authority?
ANSWER: Absolutely not. Namecheap is one of most in1ffluential Domain Registrars. Among others some are listed below—

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Dreamhost
  • Hostinger
  • GoDaddy
  • Hover
  • MarkMonitor etc.

They are worldwide renowned Domain Registrars not the Authority. The sole authority for Domain Name System (DNS) Management is ICANN [Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers] the predecessor of which was IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). ICANN is a Non-government, Non-profit Corporation located at Los Angeles. Some notable functions ICANN performs are IP space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management.

Domain Name Registrars are accredited by ICANN which is the only authoritative organization for Domain Registration.

There are domain registrars in every country who serve with native language and reach the domain registrants very closely to sell domain to. Usually they are Domain Resellers. Domain Reselling is one kind of Affiliate business on behalf of the accredited Domain Registrars. You can also come up with a domain re-reseller in your local marketplace.

How to look up Domain Registration information

QUESTION: I purchased a Domain from a reputed Registrar. How can I claim that the domain is mine? Where is the evidence?

ANSWER: As we mentioned above, Domain Registration doesn’t bestow ownership of the domain upon you.

However, the initial stage of domain registration is to sign up with a Registrar’s website where you’ll get access to Domain C-panel from where you can manage your domain, change setting, add Nameserver and perform other tasks. Above all, There is record for each domain stored to the Registrar’s WHOIS database by registrant’s name. You can check out your Domain Registration Information by entering any WHOIS look-up site anytime.

WHOIS in Domain Registration process

QUESTION: What is WHOIS? What is WHOIS database? What is WHOIS look-up site?

ANSWER: Full form of WHOIS is “Who is responsible for this domain name?”

There are many Domain name Registrars authorized by ICANN. When you purchase a domain from any Registrar, you provide necessary information such as Your name, Company name (if applicable), address, email, phone number etc. All these information given by different Registrants are stored by Registrar in a database. This is called WHOIS database. Reasonably it is necessary to publish publicly. But there is no central database for all the Registrants information worldwide. So, a Query System has been introduced named WHOIS.

Domain Registration (ICANN WHOIS)

WHOIS is actually a response protocol or simply an internet system by which you can check out information including DNS record regarding a domain name by inputting it in WHOIS search engine.

More information about WHOIS is as follows—

  • WHOIS information with different Registrars may be different.
  • Many Registrars have own WHOIS look up service.
  • ICANN also has own WHOIS look up program
  • Beyond these, there are Third Party WHOIS look up sites such as
  • You can look up information corresponding any Domain Name including DNS records such as Domain registration date, updating date, Expiration date, Nameserver etc. entering a WHOIS look up site.
  • Many a people, for security and privacy reason, keep their WHOIS information hidden what can be done by Domain Name C-panel.

Interested readers can check-out details of WHOIS here-

DNS and DNS Record

QUESTION: WHOIS database records information provided by me during Domain Registration process. But what is DNS and DNS records?

ANSWER: DNS has two full forms— Domain Name Server and Domain Name Service.

Suppose, you registered a domain for your site named Tours Worldwide from Namecheap. Your information of domain are stored in the WHOIS database of your Registrar Namecheap. Now here are set of questions—

  • Where does your domain exist?
  • How does your domain run functionality.
  • How does your domain locate your site?
  • How does a user by typing in Browser’s address bar reach your site Tours Worldwide.

Here comes DNS in the scenario.

DNS or Domain Name Server or simply Name Server is the SERVER that stores and manages all the registered domains and associated IP addresses. When someone input a domain name in the Browser, the Request is first sent to DNS server. DNS server translate this domain name into corresponding IP Address. As per example above, if a user request the domain from Browser, DNS server will translate the domain into IP Address of the Web Server where files of your site Tours Worldwide is located.

Domain Name Server runs Special software to do this.

The whole process of redirecting Domain Name request to connected IP Address is Domain Name System. However. the idea of Domain Name System is much broader than that of Domain Name Server. Actually Domain Name Server is a part of the total Domain Name System.
QUESTION: Who runs the DNS (Domain Name Server) Who manages the Domain Name Service?
ANSWER: Domain Name Server is not a single server worldwide but numerous. But all the DNS are well organized being connected in one network and functions as a unified single server. Different levels and layers of Domain Name Servers are run by your Registrars, Hosting companies and NIC (Network Information Centers) or Domain Name REGISTRIES under supervision of ICANN.

  • How are all these Domain Name Servers interconnected?
  • How does the whole system respond to a Domain Name consisting of different parts and layers?

If you’re a serious reader and persistent to unveil all the mystery of Name Server or DNS and how wonderfully they function for your website be delivered to the whole world; click the following link—

QUESTION: What is Doamin Name Registry? What is NIC?
ANSWER: Each TDL (Top Level Domain) such as .com, .org, .net, .viz, is maintained and serviced by an administrative organization operating a Registry. They are called Doamin Name Registry, also known as NIC (Network Information Centers). A Registry receives registration information from the Domain Name Registrar under its TDL.

Follow this link for details of TLD-

That’s all. Hope you have already known the most important things regarding the subject. Do you have any registered Domain and anyhow deal with Domain Name C-panel? What did you think about Domain Name before you read this article. Feel free to share your experience by commenting and make me to feel free to you.

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