Domain and Hosting: Your First Lesson To Start a Website

If you’re in the process of building a Website/Blogsite, knowledge of Domain and Hosting is the first weapon to fight against the challenge.

Technical know-how of Domain and Hosting will dramatically boost your confidence on site/blog building efforts. This will eventually help you save causeless dollar expenses hiring technologist.

After you go through this article, you’ll have a working skill in dealing with Domain and Hosting yourself super-confidently for your site as well as your friends’.

After the end of the article, you’ll have a crystal understanding of your following problems relating to Domain and Hosting

  • What is Domain?
  • What is Hosting?
  • How to set my site with Domain and Hosting to make it live online?
  • Where should I purchase Domain and Hosting from?
  • How to purchase Domain and Hosting?
  • Is it essential to buy Domain and Hosting to run a site?
What is Domain-hosting focus

However we’ll put emphasis on the rough understanding of the topics. You’ll find the detailed clarification of the topics in some of our separate articles linked with sections below.


Actually this post (Post-2) is the part of a series of seven posts that provide ultimate guide on ‘How to start and manage WordPress Blog/Site’.

What is Domain?

Though the term Domain-hosting is uttered together; technically, these two terms are completely different things. Due to the same nature of the business, Domain-hosting has turned into a compound word to its users. You’ll frequently see the business platforms who deal in both Domain and Hosting.
There are millions of websites in the planet of WWW. [see, Simple understanding of WWW]. Each website must have a unique identity. The name by which we identify a website among millions is called Domain Name.
If you’re among the serious readers, go deeper into Domain Name from the link below-

It is true that Domain name is the identity of a website but it cannot contain the site or site-files. The system where the site-files are stored is Hosting Server which is, in other word, a computer.
Now we know a server’s or computer’s identity is its IP Address. Then how can Domain name be the identity of a site?
Frankly speaking, Domain Name represents the IP Address of your Hosting Server where your website files are stored. [see, Be knowledgeable of IP Address]. IP Address which is a rude string of number is no way lovable to users. So Domain name is used.
Actually Domain Name is the user-friendly, easily-memorable and understandable name. In process of website building, you’ll have to link your Server IP technologically with Domain Name which we’ll discuss later.
[see also, Web Server basic]
All the registered Domain Names are accredited and managed by a central authority called ICANN who runs them through a unified server network known as Nameserver.

What is Hosting?

At draft stage, you build your site in your PC by using different tools or a local server. But this site is just a Folder stored in your PC’s Hard Drive. Nobody can access it except you.

Now, to make it visible online (in WWW), you have to store the site’s files in a suitable computer (Server) technologically equipped with required hardware and software for website transmission. This computer is called Web Server. Building up a Web Server by own is not an easy job. If you like to build one on test follow this guide-

But hosting a website in Server built with own windows PC is an unusual fact. There are many reasons for you not to choose it.
However, it is a common practice that people usually rent a globally renowned Web Server or a part of it or purchase a Server’s service package to host their site to. This is called Hosting.
After you purchase a hosting account, you upload your site-files through Hosting C-panel. Then you link your Domain with Server. Thus your site starts its journey in the unlimited sea of WWW.

How to set my site with Domain and Hosting to make it live online?

Now you know you need to purchase a Domain and Hosting account to make your site live in the internet. But how would you do it technically?

After you purchase a Hosting package, you need to enter the Hosting Cpanel by using Username and Password provided by the Hosting provider. Then upload your site’s files or WordPress structure files (for WordPress) there by following systematic process.

Here is the process to install WordPress in C-panel

Now it is time to link your Domain with Server. How to do that technologically?

On purchasing Domain, you’ll have an account. Now you enter your account and from there  Domain C-panel by using Username and Password provided by your Domain provider.

Now you require to change the Nameserver of your Domain? Why changing Nameserver?

When the Domain name is allotted for you, it is live on a Nameserver owned by your Domain provider. Now you need to change it. By which Nameserver?

By the Nameserver of your Hosting Server. You can collect the Nameserver name from the email sent to you by Hosting provider after purchase-confirmation.

On entering Domain C-panel, you need to go to Nameserver update field. From here, you’ll replace the default Nameserver by your own.

To do all of these, follow the link below-

When you’re done, anybody can reach your site by typing Domain name in Browser.

Where should I purchase Domain and Hosting from?

Some of the top global Hosting providers are Bluehost, Dreamhost, HostGator, GoDaddy, Hostinger, SiteGround etc. For greater reliability, you can purchase a Hosting Account (package) from any of the Hosting platforms as per your necessity and capability. And some of the most popular Domain Registrars are Namecheap,, BuyDomains, Shopify, GoDaddy etc.

There are also companies (including the lists’) who provide both Domain and Hosting. But if you inquire, you’ll notice that each of top companies is specialized in one- Either in Domain service or as Hosting provider.

So it is wise to a company for one service which it excels in. For instance, Namecheap is great as Domain Registrar though they also provide Hosting service. In my opinion, you should choose Namecheap only to buy Domain.

Noted, it is wise to follow different reviews about the companies before you take final decision to transact with a company. Also you should check out whether their payment methods suit your capability.

Beyond all of these, there are Hosting and Domain Reseller in every country. If you face problem with payment method or cannot think of communicating other than native language, you can consider dealing with reseller companies.

How to purchase Domain and Hosting?

First of all select your desired Domain or Hosting company. There might have variety in procedures of different service providers to accomplish purchase. However, the common way to do this is-

  • Create Account
  • Sign in with your Username and Password
  • Search for and confirm your desired Domain name or Hosting plan
  • Select Payment method
  • Complete transaction
  • When everything is OK, check your Inbox receiving multiple message relating confirmation and essential information.

Once you receive mail from your service provider, you see there are all essential guidelines to push you ahead.

Is it essential to buy Domain and Hosting to run a site?

Very important but large-volume question. We’ve already implied this al-through the article.

The short answer is: You needn’t purchase Server if you can build one at home. But for this you must pay much more than the cost of a Hosting package. After all you must own (by paying) a Public IP Address. Actually, Building up a Server is another category of business.

However, you can run your site globally without purchasing a Domain Name. You can use your Server IP instead of Domain. But, in this case, you have to enter your site by typing a large rough, unpleasant, numeric IP Address which will produce unappealing, meaningless impression to users.  Could you think this type of web address is profitable or honorable for you?

Hope this tutorial on Domain and Hosting will help you like a bosom friend all the time al-through the way of your Blogging or site-building.

More questions? Cast a comment.

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