How to Change Nameserver and Connect Hosting with Domain

Wherever you purchase Domain and Hosting from, you own two separate Domain and Hosting accounts. Even if you purchase these two from the same company with single account, there must have two different areas to manage these two services. You can have a comprehensive introductory guide to Domain and Hosting here.

What does connecting Domain and Hosting mean?

Domain, in a word, is the representative of your Hosting Server’s IP Address. Needless to say you can enter your Hosting Server even without Domain just by IP Address of the Server. Hence, connecting Domain and Hosting means this Domain will function instead of IP and so, it will locate the corresponding Server that you defined during creating connection.

After you complete buying a domain, that domain gets hosted in a server. That is not your Hosting Server but a default server from your Domain provider. That server is indicated by a pair of nameservers.

Typically two nameservers are set at the domain level. One is Primary nameserver and the other is the Secondary or Backup. Actually they are exactly the same host.

Now question, can I know which default server my domain provider used to host my domain?

Answer is : Yes, you can do that by entering your Domain Account or alternatively by WHOIS check-up of your Domain. You see there two nameserver names that indicates the default server. Now your function is to change the nameserver by your own.

Where do I get the two nameserver names. This is provided by your hosting provider. Ask for your host or you might get those with the confirmation email when purchased hosting. For details of Nameserver, follow this link-

Now let’s see practically how to change nameserver and connect domain with hosting-

Changing default nameserver by your own

Do the followings-

  • Log-in to Domain account
  • Find the Domain you like to connect hosting with
  • Find the Nameserver or Manage Nameserver option. Click and reach that page.

You see default nameserver is listed in the input field if it is not already changed as shown in screenshot below-

Nameserver change

Now to change the nameservers, delete these two ( and and input your own nameservers. And click Change Nameserver. You’re done.

Now let’s see the procedure of changing nameserver Namecheap Domain account. Noted, Namecheap is the USA-based globally renowned ICANN accredited Domain Registrar.

Change nameserver on Namecheap Domain account

For this, do the followings-

  • Log-in to Namecheap Domain account
  • On the Dashboard, click Domain List from left-panel.
  • Find the Domain you like to connect hosting with
  • On your domain row, click Manage from right. You reach Domain Details page
  • Now find Nameserver option from left. This will look at shown in screenshot below.
  • We see two custom nameservers are already set. If you like to change it, you can. Or, you can choose to use default nameserver if you need.
Nameserver change namecheap

Hope you got a transparent understanding of how to change nameserver and connect Hosting account with Domain.

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