UpdraftPlus: Best Way to Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site

If you already have a WordPress site or chalking out a plan to set up one, this article is indispensable for you. As a promising site builder, you need to think of backup just from the early days of your site development process. You don’t know when your site might get hacked or affected by cyber rats.

So, isn’t it unwise to leave even a one-hour work vulnerable for destruction? So, be wise; backup WordPress site before it is too late.

Attempt to backup your site after Posting starts.

You have two options in hand to backup WordPress site—

  • Backup Manually or Without Plugin
  • Backup with Plugin

If you aren’t completely sure of what these Manual and Plugin-based Backup and all technical know-how, spend a few minutes to read up our following stuffs—

Backup WordPress site focus image

To Backup WordPress site, you can use Manual process or Plugin process or both as per what you feel comfortable with. But if you are a beginner and are not always waiting to purchase things with ready-credit-card; use a free backup plugin that will cover almost all your backup needs.  In this case, our suggestion is UPDRAFTPLUS which is the most renowned WordPress Backup plugin and may be best option for any user. There are fair reasons behind this statement.

Why UpdraftPlus to Backup WordPress site

UpdraftPlus has both free and paid service. The free features UpdraftPlus provides will certainly impress any WordPressers.
Free version features —
  • Free version provides more facilities than any other WordPress Backup Plugins
  • Complete backup
  • Scheduled backup facility
  • Cloud Storage backup available to most popular platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, Dreamobjects, Email etc.
  • Easy restoration process
More facilities for Pro users—
  • Incremental backup
  • More Cloud Storage support like OneDrive, BackBlaze, Azure, SFTP.
  • Multisites backup support
  • Site Migration and Duplication or Cloning facility
  • Database encryption etc.

However if you run a middle-sized or medium graded WordPress site, we assure that UpdraftPlus free service is enough for you.
Now let’s directly enter the step-by-step process of how to backup and Restore WrodPress site with UPDRAFTPLUS.

How to Backup WordPress site using UpdreftPlus

First of all, you need to download and install UpdraftPlus plugin from wordpress.org Plugin Directory. Alternatively, you can directly install UpdraftPlus by online searching in Add Plugin page of your WrodPress Admin Dashboard. If you are new and are not sure of how to install WordPress plugin, Check out our guide—

If you’re done, you’ll get a link for UpdraftPlus here—

WordPress DashboardSettingUpdraftPlus Backup

Click UpdraftPlus Backup and you will get to UpdraftPlus Dashboard. See screenshot below—

Backup WordPress site dashboard
screenshot 1

In Backup/Restore menu of Dashboard, you will get next backup date (on schedule), Manual backup option, existing saved backup with Restore Button and last log message. However we’ll re-observe these in the latter step.

Now let’s configure our setting first. for this, click Setting from the above menu.

UpdraftPlus Setting

Here you’ll have to perform three tasks-

  • Fix up Schedule
  • Cloud Storage Set up and Authentication
  • Select which files to backup
Backup WordPress sitte Setting
screenshot 2
  • First, to fix up schedule, you get two options- Files Backup Schedule and Database Backup Schedule. Click Arrow next to schedule. From the Dropdown, select Manual if you like to backup manually. Or if you like Automatic (scheduled) backup, choose how often you like your backup will be saved- hourly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Your database should be backedup more frequently than your files. We suggest select Fortnightly for your files and Weekly for database for a typical site.
  • On the right, define the number  2, 3 or 4. This number determines how many last backups you like UpdraftPlus to keep stored in your selected Drive. Remember, the more time backup you store, the more space it will eat up from your selected Drive space.
  • Now comes Remote Storage Drive selection. From many options, select where you like to store your backup. In this tutorial, we have selected Google Drive.
  • Now you have to go through Google Drive Authentication process  by which you’ll prove authority over Google Drive under your Google Account and give UpdraftPlus permission to this Drive to save backups. Click Google Drive and you’ll get two options.
Backup WordPress site Google Drive
screenshot 3
  • First- Google Drive Folder. Name the Folder in which your backup will be stored in Google Drive. Default name is UpdraftPlus; you can change this. Now scroll this page down and Click Save Changes. UpdraftPlus will save all your settings you configured so far.
Authentication process of Google Drive
  • Now it is time for Authentication. Come back to Authenticate with Google option. Click the given link on right. You’ll be directed to Google Log in page
  • After that system will ask your permission to let UpdraftPlus enter your Google Drive. Click Allow.
  • In the next page, click Complete Setup. And your Authentication is done.
  • Next option: Include in Files Backup.  Here check all the three- Plugins, Themes and Uploads. Below is the Exclusion list. If you want to keep any files listed out of Backup; select these.
  • Next options below are not so crucial. You can skip them. Now Save Changes.

Now all are done. Your Backup is on the go and will be stored time to time as per schedule in definite Drive of your Google Drive.

How to manually backup with UpdraftPlus

If you like to backup manually; go to Backup/Restore tab above (screenshot 1). From here, you can backup manually by clicking Backup Now button. Your backup will be storing in remote location (Google Drive) just as it is done in case of Scheduled backup. You can do manual backup in either cases-whether you selected manual or scheduled backup in Setting.

Manual backup process takes a considerable amount of time. You can see your the progress in Progress bar. Last Log message field will show Report or progress for definite points of time.

Check your Backup

As per your Schedule, your backup will continue saving. You can see last 2 or 3 backups as you defined in number while scheduling.
You can check your backup either from-

  • UpdraftPlus Dashboard→ Backup/Restore→ Existing Backup (screenshot 1)
  • Or, Google DriveUpdraftPlus Folder

How to restore from UpdraftPlus Backup

UpdraftPlus comes with easy Restoration process. If necessity arises, you can restore from UpdraftPlus Backup two easy ways-

  • Directly
  • Manually
Backup WordPress site Restore
screenshot 4
  • Direct Restoration: For direct restoration, click Backup/Resote button in Dashboard, scroll down to Existing Backup (screenshot 4). Click Rescan Remote storage. From list below, decide which backup you want to restore. Then click Restore button right. You’ll go through a Restoration process.
  • Manual Restoration: If you find problem restoring your site directly this way, you can do this manually. For this, you need to download your backed up files from Google Drive to your Hard Drive. They are zipped files; so unzip them and return to UpdraftPlus Dashboard. Now click Upload backup files (screenshot 4). On completion of upload, restore them following the same process as shown in Direct Restoration part.

For a complete understanding of how to restore WordPress from backup, check out

That’s all of How to backup and restore WrodPress site with UpdraftPlus. Hope you enjoyed this post and at the same time got newly inspired about your concern on Backup and Restore. Also feel free to ask any question or give opinion by commenting.

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