How to add featured image in WordPress post

Featured image or post thumbnail is the symbol of the contents, mood and theme of a post or page. It is used to reflects the inner presentation of a post content.

In the context of WordPress, we usually use post or page thumbnail to display and link to the post and page visual and appealing way.

Adding a featured image in WordPress post is not so difficult. Whether you use the old Classic editor or Block editor, the process is almost the same. You find the Featured image setting option on the right sidebar.

Here in this tutorial, we’re going to show how to add a featured image from the Block editor’s screen.

Contextually adding a featured image in WordPress post or page is the part Post Publishing. If you’re still uncertain of how to publish WordPress post, follow this link.

Featured image option

In the Block editor, click Setting icon (if it is not already selected). You find two links- Post/Document and Block. Click Post/Document from here and scroll down until you reach Featured Image section as shown below-

Setting featured image

Now click ‘Featured Image’ and you get link to ‘Set featured image’. On clicking it, you’ll be redirected to Media Library page.

From here, select a prevailing image or upload one and select. On selection, click Set featured image button on bottom-right. Next from the Editor’s screen, save or update the post.

Your featured image is set.

You can add featured image for the WordPress page similar way.

The most ideal WordPress featured image size is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Hope you got the message of how to add a featured image in WordPress post.