About us

About us

Netplanter-The Idea

Teacher by profession, I never thought of being something like farmer or cultivator or peasant or planter. But at last God made me netplanter. He made me adopt the lifestyle of tilling throughout Internet-farm and harvest something important for me as well as others.

Through studying technological history, I discovered that I would feel meaningful and honorable if I engage myself in a Internet activity like Development. By exploring this path of thinking, I started building something first by Blogger and then WordPress platform of blogging. This is the tale of 2012.

This is Gateway to enter the world of Web Designing and Development. This is the journey I started to never come back. But I still feel fascinated and tempted working with WordPress.

Consequently, our mission, here at Netplanter, is to provide pragmatic guidelines for the common enthusiasts to help build up each and every kind of website/blogsite both by CMS structured platforms like WordPress and free language platform.

Who behind Netplanter

User, Session and Pageviews

Probably none likes to go through other’s biography. I ain’t also trying to write something so. All like-minded people must be curious of what exceptional lies in others, why and to what extent others resembles him/her. So this is actually a sharing activity for such fellows and followers.

However, I am Mukarram Hossain from Bangladesh. I like to acquaint myself to others as a simple man, always-curious to know the unknown, be knowledgeable of the secrets of God, the universe, the creations, the spirit and the hereafter on the basis of science and reality. But I am proud to say that I am a practicing Muslim.

Technology always attracts me like a magnet. I think religion can never exist avoiding technology. In other word, no people in this technology-based world can entrust him/her to religion without perfect religious explanation of technological way of life. I think, it is only Islam which is the complete code of life that includes all technological aspects since the inception of creation to modern time.

So, I bear in my mind both the Spiritualism and Materialism. There is no contrast between the two. Both are the part of Oneness of God or Taohid. What you’re ultimately depends on which glass you look the absolute reality through. I am on the way to exploring and finding out all the forces and objects in myself.

Why Netplanter

I entered the world of career as a language teacher of a school. But numerous invisible bondage of service-life was always forcing me to find out a suitable profession that can ensure more flexibility in earning and life-leading, in a word, my heart wished more liberty as there is nothing called ‘complete freedom‘ in the realm of God.

In 2010, in a crucial situation of decision-making about how and which way my life-boat would go, I asked myself, Isn’t there a profession that—- ?

  • needs no definite range of time of a day
  • can be performed anytime from any place
  • will have no obligation to do each and every day
  • gives opportunity to earn without limit.
  • can allow me to go on a week-long tour.
  • has no obligation to employ workforce on regular basis
  • has no risk of losing capital
  • has no obligation to sell products within limited time
  • needs no overseeing to the employees in an official envoronment
  • is not risky in respect of personal security
  • is not roughly dependent on the favorable and adverse marketing weather

Candidly speaking, thinking like the above really needs intellect and over-consciousness. So did I have and I was waiting for months and years for such a job. At last, God took pity on me and I could successfully figure out the present desired profession just after I entered the world of Internet.

I detected that if I engage myself in Web designing and Development work along with Blogging, about 100% of the above criteria will be fulfilled.

It is through gradual development process of free blogging for a several years that at last made me build up a complete website NETPLANTER that has sequentially been turned into a combined platform of Blogging (especially WordPress) and Site-building.