5 Tried-and-True WordPress Backup plugins You cannot Do Without

There are many reasons why you tend to consider WordPress Backup Plugins in course of your backup exploration. Though there are fair alternatives to accomplish your backup activities manually or without plugin, there are hardly any successful WordPressers that did not put their reliance on plugin-based backup to safeguard their site’s assets.

Contextually we divided our Backup tutorial into two— Manual Backup and Backup with Plugin. For an all-inclusive assistance for manual backup, check out our previous guide- How to effectively backup your WordPress site without Plugins.

Truly speaking, Backup with Plugin has some extra privileges over Manual backup which are uncontroversial in some cases.
This is because, backup plugins—

  • are easy to use
  • provide complete backup at a time
  • keep webmaster carefree
  • scheduled backup
  • easy restoration on few clicks

What to consider to select a WordPress Backup Plugin

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However, before you finalize your decision to use a specific plugin, you should justify your choice with the following criteria to avoid mistake and end up with wise conclusion—

  • Automatic Backup: Check whether automatic backup is available or not. And also whether this is free or paid
  • Backup Schedule: Consider backup schedule facilities- monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or real time.
  • Cloud storage Backup: See if there is Cloud Storage backup facility; which Cloud Storage are included in the list.
  • Load handling capacity: Check out site-load handling capacity of that plugin to not let your site slow down. You can take help of plugin review by google search.
  • Restoration process: Get clarified of restoration process of that plugin. If offered one-click restoration, take an inquiry into whether this ensures complete restoration or not.
  • Migration facility: You may have to migrate your site to other domain or other hosting account. Check out whether MIGRATION is available or not.
  • Free / Paid Pricing: Consider how much privileges are there in free version, If you decide to use Pro version, consider comparative Pricing among plugins available in the market.

Now it is time to see if your opted plugin passes the test or what it does score.

However, we are always-alert and walk through the growing-up process of WordPress Backup Plugins. So from our hard-earned experience, observation and applied knowledge, we did the selection of 5 best WordPress Backup Plugins for you. Hope This guide will be proved tried-and-true making you perfect decision maker of Backup.

01.     UpdraftPlus
WordPress Backup Plugins UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin. It also has pro version which provides immense facilities that meet up the full necessity of any site’s backup- large, larger or largest. I called it free because it provides the most facilities in free version that may be sufficient for any middle sized WordPress site. I think a WordPress site with about 200K visitors per month needn’t depend on other or pro plugins to safeguard care-freely.

Now let’s have a look at what privileges UpdraftPlus offers to the users—

In free version, you can get privileges of both manual and scheduled or automatic backup which is excellent. It provides a complete backup. So you needn’t worry about inclusion of Database or others in backup process. The most enchanting feature  UpdraftPlus supports is that it back up in most popular Cloud Storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace and so on. The restoration process is simple and easy.

If yours have a bigger popular website with thousands of traffic flow per day, you can use UpdraftPlus pro version. This will give you unimaginable control of your backup such as make your daily work fast, save your time, retain your usual site speed and, after all, will keep you free from stress and anxiety. Pro users also have facilities to migrate and clone their sites.

Contextually check out our step-by-step guide on how to backup and restore with UpdraftPlus

02.     BackupBuddy
WordPress Backup Plugins Backupbuddy

BackupBuddy may be a good option for your site’s backup solution if your site is well-developed and well-monitized with enormous traffic flow. BackupBuddy doesn’t offfer free version. Hence if you’re looking for a over-complete solution for your WordPress backup and always-ready to pay something, you can consider BackupBuddy. You can also use their Stash Storge space of different volume as per your purchase plan.

Here are the attractive features BackupBuddy offers—

  • Scheduled backup- daily, weekly, monthly or hourly.
  • Also real-time backup if you use their Stash Storage
  • You can Backup in about all popular Cloud Storage along with Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Email etc.
  • All-complete backup including WordPress settings, Categories and Tags, Widgets, Custom Post types, WordPress core files etc.
  • You can restore, duplicate and migrate your site
  • Pricing starts from $80 per year. You can backup multiple sites purchasing their upper plan.
  • You have access to premium support forum, regular plugin updates and much more.

So, if you decide to use this plugin, you can leave all the backup-tension in the hand of BackupBuddy.

03.     BackWpUp
WordPress Backup Plugins BackWPup

If you think of a free WordPress Backup Plugin, BackWpUp must be one of your topmost choices. Like with UpdraftPlus, You can take a complete backup of your site by BackWpUp  also and this is sufficient for a typically big site. Just download it from WordPress plugin Directory and start using.

Unlike UpdraftPlus, you can store your backup also in Dropbox along with other popular Cloud Storage platforms. Among other privileges in free version include WordPress XML Export, Database optimization, check and repair database, backup in all zip, tar and tar.gz formats etc. Reasonably BackWpUp’s features are more flexible and user-friendly. Scheduled or automatic backup is also available for free users.

The extra features pro-users are privileged with are priority support, encrypted backup archive, restoration from encrypted backup, multisite support etc.

Restoration from backup with BackWpUp is very easy.

Check out complete step-by-step guideline of WordPress backup with BackWpUp from link below—

04.     BackUpWordPress
WordPress Backup Plugins BackupWordPress

BackUpWordPress is also a free WrodPress backup plugin with complete backup solution. This plugin also offers automatic or scheduled backup feature. But you cannot store your backup in the most renowned Cloud Storage platforms- Dropbox or Google Drive. To do this, you have to purchase extension. There are several extensions available with different advanced functionalities. You can take advantages of them on payment.

Among most important privileges BackUpWordPress offers, some are managing multiple schedule, super simple user interface, good support and multiple language options etc.

05.     VaultPress
WordPress Backup Plugins VaultPress

VaultPress is a uppergraded WordPress backup plugin. All that is possible to do by a backup plugin can be performed with VaultPress. But reasonably, it is a paid plugin. So it is not applicable for the beginners and the unprouctive site owners.

If you own a bigger profitable commercial site and like to have a complete backup satisfaction and security ensurance; then you can consider using VaultPress.

Contextually VaultPress was introduced by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg at Automattic. It is now the part of their renowned product JETPACK.

To be able to use VaultPress, you need to subscribe a Jetpack pricing plan. Then you need to create a WordPress.com account and install Jetpack plugin in your site.

The incomparable features VaultPress offers are as follows—

  • Automated daily backup with unlimited own storage space.
  • Real-time backup.
  • Uptime monitoring and protection from most common and serious security threats.
  • One-click automated restore.
  • Easy site migration.
  • Spam protection for Comment and Pingback.
  • Priority support from WordPress experts.
  • Affordable pricing starting from $39 per year.

That’s all of my suggestions for WordPress backup plugins. Hope, as a conscious WordPressers, you also use a plugin. Which one is this. I am frank to say that I personally use UpdraftPlus pro for my sites. If you use any of these or another; share your experience by comment. Love!

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